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On this page I'll put some off the odd/cool/weird stuff I find on the net. So in case you had your share of "normal" porn for the day you might find something of interest here.

The Babysitter Goes Hardcore The Babysitter - I pity the woman that gave birth to this baby.
Vanilla Skye just has gotten the oddest babysitting gig ever—she has to watch a 30-year-old man! Although this big baby never really grew up, he wants this hot brunette to join him in his playpen for some adult fun. The second she tries to change his diaper, she sees just what a big boy she’s babysitting. She sucks his cock as he sucks his bottle, and when he’s done he works on suckling her perfect tits. Then after she rides his cock until he cums, he drifts off for a nap.
Watch the Whole DVD scene here!

Horny Sluts Wrestling Wrestle Mania: Slut Edition - These bitches slug it out.
Blonde, statuesque Stephanie and agile Asian Melody get it on in an interracial slugfest (or is it slut-fest?) for the ages. Melody goes right for the clothing, and scores one, then two, successful hits. She continues her aggressive strategy while the slower Stephanie struggles to catch up on the cards. With the yells and jeers of the crowd in her ears, the bigger blonde’s power takes over, and the girls’ struggle for glory ends in a virtual tie – in terms of articles of clothing removed and buttocks spanked.
Watch the Whole DVD "Ass Kickin' Divas #4" here!

She's Pissed Off! Ruth Berreato: Pissed Off - The Watery ways of a dirty ho.
Ruth starts off the scene flushing the toilet then taking a drink of water from the sink, giving the impression that she's just done what she's about to do again. And that, of course, would be stroking her body, and masturbating until she squats over a toilet to piddle into it, making sure to clean her fingers off at the end. There's an instant replay of this, then after she briefly works her asshole with her fingers, she pees again, but this time onto the tile floor, and again we get to see an instant replay.
Watch the Whole DVD "All Pissed Off" scene here!

Clean That Toilet Whore! Money Saving Tip: Toilet Licking - Try this with your girlfriend/wife today!
This is the roughest scene on the DVD. Michelle is a hot brunette who puts on a blindfold and starts crawling around a men's bathroom. She finds a black dildo stuck in a urinal, which she sucks and turns around to fuck. A black guy shoves his cock down her throat and slaps her face pretty hard. He starts pounding her hard and chokes her until she almost faints. Then they move into doggy-style anal. After a little ass-to-mouth, they go into piledriver anal. Then he forces her head into a toilet, flushes twice, and forces her to lick it clean. He cums in her face and she swallows.
Watch the Whole DVD scene here!

Bigfoot Goes Porn Bigfoot - And there you thought it was just a myth!
Jack is an archaeologist in the pay of an eccentric collector who apparently needs a Sasquatch to complete his collection. To drive his point home, he treats us to a trippy rap about his favorite mythical beast. Out in the open, Jack and his gorgeous Czech co-star indulge in a bit of al fresco fucking, which climaxes as she reluctantly takes his bone in her dirtbox, reverse cowgirl. After they've finished fucking, the Sasquatch turns up and administers a furry shafting, spilling his semen load all over her fresh face. My guess is that the Sasquatch was the eccentric collector in a fur suit, but I'm no anthropologist.
Watch the Whole DVD scene here!

James Bond James Bond - Uhm yeah.
Mr. Big’s plan is to put DD7 to death by slipping him the secret sex serum and forcing him to copulate copiously until his final thrust. Bond is “forced” to start with agents played by the enormous Whitney Wonders and Theresa. After taking and giving some nasty oral, Bond bangs the lot of ‘em, finally squirting a royal mess onto their tits. When he comes to, Mr. Big offers Bond his life in return for renouncing his British service and joining up for a life of big-boobed debauchery on the island. Being an intelligent man, DD7 is forced to acknowledge that he’s finally met his match!
Watch the Whole "ThunderBoobs" DVD here!

Midget Fucking Bridget The Midget - Hey, midgets need to get off too!
It's a midget, and a gang bang. What else is there to say? Maybe this is your thing, maybe it's not -- but come on, aren't you curious? Bridget starts us off with a strip tease and then gets fucked by 4 guys until one cums over her chest.
Watch the Whole "Midget Gang Bang" DVD here!

DTM Power - An audio visual feast for the BMW Fan!
It's good to see some people actually know how to run a proper website. The guys over at DTM Power slapped together 4 great pages with huge videos together. Featuring BMWs mostly, so if you love BMWs, this page is definitely worth a look. This one will keep you busy for a good while.
Watch all the videos on the DTM Power website.

Pornstar or Popstar? - Is there really any difference?
I found this one on Asia Carrera's Website, which is free to visit btw. You get 10 pictures with the face covered and have to guess wether that girl is a pornstar or a popstar. Much to my dismay I scored a rather apalling 70% only. Give it a shot and see how you do.
Take the test right here.

Big vs. Small Elise vs. Vette - Big vs. small - 39.5 MB MPG
A race-prepped Lotus Elise and a Corvette battle it out on the Nuerburgring. Top speed and raw power against great handling makes for a pretty evenly matched contest.
View the full lap on this great track.

Oh Damn! The Ultimate Ass - It's asstastic - 10.5 MB WMV
I think this babe is argentinian or something, then again like it really matters. This hottie probably has one of the best asses ever to have graced this world.
Judge for yourself.

Ghost Rider - Crazy shit on a fast bike - 53 MB WMV
Swedes are some crazy mofos and this one pretty much tops them all. A dude on a bike does all sorts of high speed crap around Stockholm. Something along the likes of get away in stockholm but then even more whack and on 2 wheels (well not always 2 even.)
Download the 20 minute wmv video here.

You can see this go wrong Watch Out For The Whale - Fast food culture gone wrong - 2.6 MB MPEG
I don't know if there is a moral to this video, however if there is I guess it goes something along the likes of: "Don't try to be a fucking gymnast when you're a fat blob weighing over 300 pounds."
Download the video.

PimpZilla - You pimped out your ride...now pimp out your browser
Some of you pimp out your ride, so why not pimp out your Firefox? Here's a screenshot of PimpZilla. You can download it here, or install it directly into Firefox by clicking here (javascript needs to be enabled for it to work.)

This is painful to watch Ouch... - "Hey honey, I can do a new trick!" - 1.9 MB WMV
Actually I got no clue what to say about this one really, It's one of the weirder things I've seen in life. I guess you'll just have to see it for yourself.
Are you sure you wanna see this?