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The Manual:This will probably confuse you even more...

Q: Sometimes I click on a thumbnail image or link, I am being redirected to another site, why?

A: While not wanting to go into details, I trade visitors with some other sites to increase exposure. You can surf the site without this happening, take 30 seconds of your time and read this page
Q: Always the same galleries! You do nothing?

A: New galleries are being added constantly, the script however ranks those by popularity, most popular gallery being the first results. To solve this, look at the picture on the right. Do you see the "Sort galleries on date"?

Use that and the script will always show the gallery that was added most recently in the particular category you are in.

On the main page and the thumbnail page you can not do this, but you'd probably be better off using the categories and girls pages anyway, since you're more likely to find what you want there.
Q: what about that search thingie?

A: Look at the picture below, as soon as you are on a page, just select the options you want and press "Search it now!" again. The script will then take out/add the options you chose.

Do not take out whatever is in the search box already! Unless you want to manually search for something of course. I don't really recommend manual searches unless it is for pornstar names, it was primarily designed for that. You are free to try of course though.

Q: Why are there advertisements all over the place? These things annoy me.

A: Simple, it just costs money to host a site like this on a decent server (not your budget webhosting account to put a page about hamsters online.)

Also I spend a good 8-12 hours daily on running the whole thing. If I wanted to do something and not get paid for it, I most probably would do something more constructive, instead of filling the web with smut.
Q: I emailed you and you never replied?!?

A: Usually I reply to all email sent to me. Sometimes, because of the amazing amounts of spam i receive I might miss one. Just resend the message if it's important.

The exception to above rule is if something you wrote or asked struck me as incredibly dumb, in which case I just delete the email and block the adress. You'd have to write something pretty damn awful though, before that ever happens.
Q: I want to ask something else, how?

A: You can email me from the link at the top of the page.
That will be all, hope you enjoy the site.

The Eskimo